Saturday, September 24, 2011

drawing challenge / bike

I made this for my dad because he loves bikes.

 In this house is Poppy, Ollie the dog, me and Henry.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

the hostile hospital

My favorite book right now is The Hostile Hospital.  It's a book in The Series of Unfortunate Events.  My favorite character is the orphan, Violet Beaudelaire, because she's a girl, and I like her inventions.

 Count Olaf is always wanting to get his hands on their fortune.  He gets worse and worse and worse.  

There are these silly guys that call themselves V.F.D. and they give out heart shaped balloons to everyone in the hospital while they sing the funniest song ever.  They say it makes a person feel better.

The hospital is a very unfinished one.

This is a drawing of Violet.

Here is the operating theater where they are planning to do something very terrible to Violet.

Violet's siblings rescued her form the operating theater.

The author wants us to stop reading this book, but we keep reading it anyway.

Here they are in the trunk of Count Olaf's stinky car.