Sunday, August 21, 2011

a walk with my dad

It was a beach and it was low tide.  There were lots of big interesting rocks.  I felt like going on a boat.  My dad carried me part of the way back.


  1. Hello Greta,
    Dads are great like that, aren't they?

    You're making me 'long' for summer.

    Keep up the blog because your photos are fab.

  2. Hi Greta, this blog is so cool, I will show to Bela!

  3. hi greta, daughter of mum and dad!
    i am looking forward to your eye sight, because what your mum has shown us before of what you can do, this is going to be one awesome trip!

  4. Sounds (and looks) like you had a great walk! I wish I could step into the water like you did but it's getting way too cold for that here in Finland. I may have to soak my feet into a foot bath and pretend it's the sea! :)

  5. a walk with dad is special. always : )

  6. Hi Greta! I'm Claudia and I'm visiting through your mom's blog. I think it's great that you started your own, such a great way to express yourself.

    I too love rocky beaches.

  7. Low Tide is when You can see some of the things that live under the sea...Very Cool Pictures

  8. i love these pictures of yours!
    and the other day i went to this tiny swedish island, and it reminds me of being there. but it rained more in sweden...

  9. Hello Great. Nice to "meet" you! I'm Sara and I came over from your mom's blog... I'm a fan of your mom's and now I get to be a fan of yours. :)

    How lucky you are to experience so many cities. I love the pictures - keep up the awesome blog!

  10. Hmmmm. Very interesting. I love your pictures! Love the sea, the rocks and especially your tootsies in the water! You've got a very good sense of framing too. Can't wait to see all these things with you!

  11. Hello Greta!
    Sara was actually quite clever when she called you 'Great' instead of 'Greta'. I think you are just that: The Great Greta.
    Love your photographs - I can see that you are your parents daughter (your Mom can explain that :)
    The best wishes for you and your blog!

  12. Hello, dear Greta the adventurer!
    I like your blog very much. You have got a wonderful sight of the (your) world. I'll come from time to time and have a look too much.
    And: The interesting big rocks look like whales bobing up and down, don't they?

    Best wishes,

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  14. Hi Greta,
    Marblehead looks nice. I'd like to go there sometime too, but I also like your pictures of it.
    Hope you're doing well!

  15. Hi Greta!

    We met in New Orleans in the library. I really like your photos. The rocks look so beautiful and the water is very clear. My favorite photo is the one where you are looking down at your feet. I can't wait to read more about your adventures. Keep on blogging!


  16. hello Greta, we don't have big rocks like that over here, very impressive. But we do have pebbles , i like those smooth pebbles, beautiful photos! x