Monday, December 5, 2011

drawing challenge / vacation

All of these people are flying off to Japan on Greta Airlines.

The other artists last week were Renilde, Ariane, Nadine, Mano, and my mom.


  1. heading to japan? is that the surprise? how delightful!!!
    i find the fact your "G" emblem on the plane is mirrored just awesome!
    and thank you for offering us a trip!

  2. Greta!
    how I would love to sit in that plane
    Greta airlines just sounds great!
    love the combination of rough paint and tiny lines
    the people behind those windows all look happy
    and that last window
    is it you and Henry waving?....

    greetings from the cold and windy Netherlands
    Patrice A.

  3. Dear Greta, i would love to sit in your big plane flying across woods and mountains all to Japan,and the sun is shining so brightly, must be a happy day, just wonderful, nice work sweetie, x

  4. I really, really love the details of your painting! And I would definitely love to go to Japan if this could be the plane I would travel on!

  5. I love your painting Greta-bear! We should definitely take Henry to Japan sometime so he can see it, too. We'll have a wonderful adventure!

    Hugs and kisses,


  6. Hooray!
    Dear Greta,
    thank you for welcome us on board of your airline... JAPAN! A wonderful painting with a brighten sun.

    I'm sorry that you was offline this weekend. So what about beeing our host at the weekend after the following? 17. + 18. of December?

    And, if you have a free minute, please join the weekly drawing challenge this weekend with 'RUSH'...


  7. dear greta, I love "greta airlines" very, very much! all people on the fly to japan look so happy! x mano

  8. Greta you are amazing artist!!!!!

  9. Dear Greta, love your drawing and "greta airlines", you are a wonderful artist , like your mom!

  10. Those people look like they are having the time of their lives, just like us! Love you, Great drawing, Greta the Adventurer! Gramma Peg

  11. I really like your drawing. Linus and I have been doing a lot travelling lately and a lot of flying. Linus' favorite part is looking at the clouds from the window and watching our bags go round and round the carousel at baggage claim. You must be a seasoned traveller. I must remember to consult you next time we have a long flight.