Saturday, March 3, 2012


  My mom made this blanket and I helped pick out the fabric.  It goes everywhere with me.


Blankets blowing in the wind and getting caught in a tree.

For more blankets:


  1. Greta, you are a perfect picture of what I love about blankets! All snuggled up, like mom's arms around you always. It is a very pretty blanket too!
    xo stephanie

  2. i can imagine this mama blanket being the source of inspiration for your just as inspiring black and white blanket-on-a-tree. so many interesting details here... e.g. the quantitive and form like elements, the tree's hat (for a girl who loves her hat, this is pretty symbolic!), the black album corners...
    joy, greta! for a bloanket as such, and thank you for an interesting challenge!

  3. Dear Greta,
    your blankets blowing in the wind like magical flying carpet! Amazing!
    As your tree full of lovely leaves. Even you have drawn sweet details with your bird nest with birdies.
    And you've stenciled wonderful pattern in your black and white blankets.

    Nice, nice, your photo of you, wrapped in your 'flying' blanket made by your loving Mom!

    Thank you for beeing our host with that caring theme this week, Miss Greta!


  4. your blanket made by your mum is soooooo beautiful! and your drawing is so creative - I love each detail of it! x mano

  5. dear Greta,
    that blanket of yours is so, so beautiful
    not only the colors and fabrics but also the love
    great picture and
    great drawing!
    I like it that the blanket looks like a hat
    and those birds and the curly wind

    Patrice A.

  6. Also love the blanket in the wind like a flying carpet! Now the tree is covered warmly until spring will reach its leaves! Also love the colourful carpet on the photo, I wouldn't mind if your mum made me one, too! ;o))

  7. I love your flying blankies! They are very inventive and so is your tree with the impressive bird on top. Are those her babies in a nest too? Cool drawing, Ms. Greta or should I say Feta? love, Granny P

  8. Hey! I love your blog and I adore this blanket! It's beautiful!

    I'm following now :) Your blog is so lovely!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  9. hi greta,
    would you like to join us in our drawing challenge on the weekend of april 14-15th?
    come and have a peek at this.
    in the meantime,
    and happy sunday!

  10. Dear Greta ,
    ...Wow , I had to catch on on Your Blog, I like the Butterflies a lot , and the Robot Dog....I'm going to watch Your Movie Now...Love

  11. hi greta!
    if you feel like drawing, honey...
    here's a theme you may like...
    drawing challenge

  12. time to play if you like...
    next weekend's drawing challenge!
    happy b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y...