Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is about my favorite restaurant, Chipotle.  In the start of it the farmers treated the animals badly and then they treated them better.  It's very hard for me to watch them being killed in the bad way. I am a vegetarian.


  1. That is an awesome video Greta! I'm not a vegetarian, as you know, but I support humane farming. Thank you for sharing. Let's go get some Chipotle when we're back home.

    I love you!


  2. ;)))
    i didn't know about chipotle, and now i do!
    here's a little diversion & invitation, when you tire of chipotle, okay? ...
    come and have a peek and join, if you like!
    much fluttering love,

  3. Dear Greta! Thank you for posting this and making us think about what we eat and the choices we make. You are very inspiring!

  4. Hi, Greta, I'm not sure how I missed all your latest blog entries... I thought if I was a member I would be notified when you do something new, but I guess I just have to check every so often. This was a very inspiring movie too. I'm glad you pointed it out to all of us! I love your new banner too! When did you change it?

    Can't wait to see you!
    Gramma Peg