Saturday, February 18, 2012

drawing challenge . butterfly


  1. I can keep looking at those wonderful butterflies, so many different shapes and colours, wow!

    And your drawing...

    I guess the blue one in the middle is your favorite one, or is it the one that loved to sit on your belly?
    You gave them a big green meadow and lots of flowers, they will feel very well out there.
    Bravo Greta x

  2. all those beautiful and delicate butterflies!
    I like the pictures of you wearing a hat
    and the one with the beautiful blue butterflies
    on your belly and shoulder
    your drawing, now I definitely want spring to come!

  3. love that butterfly that sits on her belly : )

  4. Happy, colorful post:D thank you!

  5. Dear Greta,
    the butterfly on your belly is so sweet! And this beautiful insect has no weight, right? Pure beauty like your painting... love the flowers, love your swarm of butterflies. Wonderful!

    x Ariane.

  6. greta, i love the look on your face for butterflies on your tee. i've seen that look before, on people who sense butterflies fluttering around and above. i'm sure i'm pulling said face in the line of action. stunning!
    as is your drawing. i actually very much enjoy the balance here, left and right, and above and below.
    pssshhhhhhh... flowers really are butterflies-in-disguise.... ;)))

  7. Nice flutterbies, eeh, butterflies!

  8. so many beautiful butterflies on your painting! I love the summer colours and the flowers very much!

  9. As usual, you knocked it out of the park! (That means you did the most amaaaazing job on your butterfly pictures!) Even the butterflies want to be your friend! Love you, hugs, kisses, Grandma Peg