Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is my drawing of Alice in Wonderland.  They are having the tea party, the dormouse is telling an amazing story.  The bubbles by the guests heads show how they picture the story he's telling.


  1. dear, dear Greta
    you are a talented girl!!
    your Alice is a wonderful drawing of a mad tea party
    I love that you can see what they think of the story
    a great, great drawing
    I can see that you are like your mother
    the both of you did draw an Alice
    and you both do not need much more
    than paper and a pen

    in admiration
    and a big hug!

  2. love, your imagination runs riot, the healthy way!
    i like you explain your drawings, a great mind at work, because you want us to understand your symbolism.
    mum will tell ya what i mean, you know.
    if not, take it the alice way!
    curiouser and curiouser...
    ps - i also love your dormouse.

  3. beautiful dear Greta, i love your Alice with her cat by her side and the colourful decorated chairs. So clever to show us their imagination, very, very, very well done !
    I so enjoy looking at your drawings, xx

  4. Dear Greta, the great artist,
    I like your drawing very much!
    Its fantastic how you show us the pictures in the head of the guests in the bubbles - great idea! All the little details... the price label at the Hatter's hat for example, love it! and the perspective of the chairs, well seen.

    Big hug,

  5. So beautiful and fabulous..i want to jump inside the picture and celebrate with them!

  6. I really really like this. I think you really captured the feeling of the tea party. I like that you only colored some of the things, and the rest are left in pen. Thanks for sharing your drawing!

  7. Your drawing IS amazing! I can't believe how cool your Alice is and how wonderful the tea party looks. Every detail is very original. I am extremely impressed! All the comments made before I agree with and say on top "Bravo! Job well done!"

  8. Dear Greta,
    .....Your Drawing is Cool ,,, Keep up the Good Work ... !
    A Very Very Old Man