Saturday, October 8, 2011

drawing challenge / family

This is my drawing for the drawing challenge.  The stamps above it , my grandmother named Lisa just sent to us today.  This is a drawing of my family, the little girl is me.

I love my family because they are so polite and friendly.  Some of my family I have never seen.  This is a little bit of my family.

The other artists today are:



  1. Hello Greta, your family looks very friendly and cute, i love your dollhouse and the super cool t-shirts your mommy and daddy are wearing, bravo !!!x

  2. Dear Greta,
    your drawing is just amazing! You guide your pen in such a strictly way... wow.
    The whole situation of your picture is very friendly as you and your lovely family are. Really beautiful!

    x Ariane.

  3. Great drawing! Lovely family portrait! Terrific details. That really looks like you and Henry playing with your dollhouse, just like you do. What is on your Dad's T-shirt? Is that a stop light? I love the bike picture you put on your Mom's shirt (just like the painting you did for the bike theme). Maybe you could paint that on a shirt for her! Nice stamps Gramma Lisa sent you! Miss you! Love, Gramma Peg

  4. dear Greta,
    what a fine family portrait!
    those details, the little dolls, the t-shirts
    you can see you are a happy family

    my drawing is almost finished
    and I will show it later this day

    I have to thank you for this challenge
    because now I have something I wanted for a long time: a family portrait

    x Patrice

  5. i'm a little intrigued by the "and no" on your dad's t-shirt... help me out, would you? furthermore, i love the contrast between the black and white precise drawing and the cool pink stamps.
    very greta, i take it? ;)))

  6. Dear Greta,
    You have the loveliest family, BUT, I think you already know that! I'm very curious about your father's t-shirt! It looks cool, and the stamps, love them!
    Big hug Lilli

  7. Hello Greta, your drawing it's beautiful, love everything on them, specially you and your brother playing in the little house!
    You have an aswesome family and I'm totally agree with you, your family is so polite and friendly!

  8. Dear Greta,
    .....I like Your Drawing a Lot ,,, I see Your Dad has a Camera ,Ha,ha,ha
    .....I liked the Note You wrote ,,, I think Your Family is very Polite too ...!
    ...Keep up the Good Work...!

  9. Great drawing! You didn't have to say who you were in the picture - it was very clear.

  10. Dear Great,

    Sorry my comment is coming in late. I am always sad when I get too busy to catch up with your blog. I absolutely love your drawing. Your family rocks. Thank you for mentioning my name in your blog.