Friday, October 14, 2011

unfortunate orphans

Violet Beaudelaire.

Klaus Beaudelaire.

Sunny Beaudelaire.

First, I drew them and then I cut them out.  Then I traced them onto cardboard, cut out the cardboard, then I used a glue stick and glued them on to the cardboard.

And voila! There they are!

From the books, The Series of Unfortunate Events.

About my dad's shirt, he worked on a movie called Thor, his shirt has the logo with Thor's hammer.


  1. Dear Greta,
    ...I like Your re-creations of the "Unfortunate Orphans" ...Good Job ,,, at first I thought You cut them out of the book...!
    ...Thanks for explaining Your Dad's T-Shirt...Yeah , I thought the hammer was a camera with a flash...!
    ...I looked "Voila" up in the dictionary , it means "there You are or there it is.!" ,,, I guess You knew that , but I didn't...!
    ...Keep up the good work Kid...!
    A very ,very old man

  2. Very clever Greta, i love your Beaudelaires x

  3. dearest Greta,

    how I LOVE your Baudelaire family
    great job!!

    happy weekend

  4. Oh, lovely, dear Greta,
    are your 'Beaudelaires' and very smart!
    x Ariane.

  5. Hi, Greta, I just love, love, love your drawings of the orphans, especially Violet, because she looks so cool and capable, just like you. I wrote these comments before and they didn't show up, so you may read them twice. The dollhouse also reminds me of the mansion they must have lost in the fire. Klaus and Sunny are mighty close to their descriptions too! Love and miss you very much, Gramma Peg

  6. I am so glad we picked up this series Greta. I wasn't sure if it would be too bleak or scary, but it's given us a lot of laughs and I love that is has inspired you to create, draw, and make up your own stories. You should show the backs of the characters, that is such a cool detail.


  7. thank you for this little explanation! you have done good, greta. i was wondering where these enchanting characters would have popped from, but hey! it's the unfortunate events, of course!

    your dad worked on thor? i didn't see the movie, but i've got my own thor running round the house. perhaps not the very cinematographic muscle body, but my son's called thor... ;)))
    happy creating, love

  8. Very beautiful..uniquely sweet and dazzling..they each capture my heart..wonderful work!

  9. Mae: "WOW" that is really cute!

    Kelli: So super cool Greta!

  10. they are soooo beautiful :)))

  11. Wow! Greta! These are super inventive. And I really like the colors your chose. You would really like this book called "Made to Play!" by Joel Henriques.

  12. alice talk!
    i invite you to a tea party!
    please come!

  13. Wooowww! You are so talented, Greta!